Sunday, December 28, 2008

Go ahead and ask!

I've been pretty bad about getting blog comments and answering them lately... so here's your chance... ask me (just about) anything :) I'll post a blog with the answers to your questions in the next week sometime.


  1. So THIS is what you do when you don't have anything to blog about on a given day. Have your children already forgotten about their Christmas presents like mine have? Happy New Year!!!

  2. Are you planning on adding
    anymore children to your
    Are 4 cuties enough?

  3. My questions are adoption related - my husband and I have been discussing it for about a year now as we battle infertility. In your adoption quest, did you look into domestic adoption at all? Whether for domestic or international adoption, any tips on where to start (specific groups/agencies, a really helpful website, books, etc). What sort of requirements did you have to meet?

  4. How have Emma and Micah done with attachment? Have either one struggled or did they do pretty well? Do you think they are fully attached?

  5. I can't scroll down her picture on the left side of your blog. I couldn't on the other lay out either. But I see your kids cute pictures then I think I see "welcoming in 2009" Is there going to be more cornish's?