Monday, December 29, 2008

Colds and ear infections

Micah seems to ALWAYS be congested (I thought this is because he was aspirating but he continues to be and I HOPE he's not aspirating the thicker stuff he's getting now...). He doesn't have any fevers with it. Just an occasional cough on again off again runny nose. He's also getting a few molars right now so that could have something to do with it as well...

Brianna, on the other hand, doesn't generally have any congestion but on the day before Christmas eve she started with a little cold. She had a low grade fever but with Tylenol she was fine. Fast forward to the day after Christmas and she had a slight fever again. Then the night before last she was awake every hour all night long crying and thrashing. She went potty, we thought that might have been the problem but it continued.

That night I slept in her bed just to calm her each time she woke up. Around 7:30 I went to Mike and he got up with Micah and I went back to bed. I slept until 9, she slept until after 10! She sat with Mike a minute and he found the culprit... thank God for ear tubes! Her ear had just a little yellowish discharge coming out so a little more Tylenol and some ciprodex and we'll see whether we were able to avoid yet ANOTHER trip to the doctor's office with her at the very end of this year...

At nap time Brianna didn't want to nap, cried... so we put her out with K to watch Beauty and the Beast. Around 3:30 she climbed up on Mike's lap in the glider and then transferred over to me in a rocking chair and in 10 minutes she was OUT COLD. I put her in bed and she slept until 5:30.

Last night she went to bed fine (no meds since morning) and slept all night. In fact, K got up when Mike was taking a shower and played on the porch for a bit and the other three were QUIET (except an occasional cough) until.... 8:30! WOW!

Now of course they're all up and going and ready to get going :) Brianna seems much more like herself this morning so here's hoping she's starting to feel a bit better!


  1. poor babes! Glad to hear everyone is feeling a little better this thing that I was told about ear infections is that the pressure of laying down to sleep can cause serious pain..sometimes they will sleep sitting upright or propped a little better...hopefully you won't need that info for a while, or maybe you all ready knew :)

  2. Hey, have you asked them to culture his nose? Payton had the same problem until they finally cultured her nose and sure enough, there was some funky bacteria up there that could only be treated with one rare antibiotic. After that, she was good to go for a long time, it was amazing!