Monday, December 29, 2008

Q&A #1

I'll answer more Q's as they come in, but here are the first 5...

markay714 said... So THIS is what you do when you don't have anything to blog about on a given day. Have your children already forgotten about their Christmas presents like mine have? Happy New Year!!!
LOL! I know I've slacked on comments so wanted to present the opportunity :) But yes, it's a good way to blog if you do run out of things to say!
My kids are enjoying their gifts still... but that may be because I put a LOT of their other toys away for a while :)

Lucie said...Are you planning on adding anymore children to your family? Are 4 cuties enough?
Hmm... that's a loaded question, isn't it??? Right now we know that our family isn't complete but we don't have plans to add any more today :) Tomorrow... might be a different story, who knows!

Jenn said... My questions are adoption related - my husband and I have been discussing it for about a year now as we battle infertility. In your adoption quest, did you look into domestic adoption at all? Whether for domestic or international adoption, any tips on where to start (specific groups/agencies, a really helpful website, books, etc). What sort of requirements did you have to meet?
Hi Jenn, we did consider domestic adoption and the 'kicker' for us was that there is a long waiting list in the US for children w/ Ds. Yes, there are a few in foster care but children w/ Ds don't come available very often. In addition, as soon as we heard the plight of the chilren orphaned abroad with special needs (institutionalized between 4 and 5 and a lifespan of less than 10 years), we knew that was where God was calling our hearts. In the future... domestic has always been an option, just depends on God's leading...

As far as where to start, if you're thinking special needs, then of course I recommend Reece's Rainbow!
This ministry is for INTERNATIONAL adoption of orphans with a wide array of special needs (though Ds is their 'main' focus). For domestic adoption, look in to your local department of children and families, or go to a website like which has a photolisting of available kids in most states.

"The Connected Child" is a great book for bonding with adopted kids, and "How to Talk so Kids will Listen and Listen so Kids will Talk" is also highly recommended! There are so many books out there about adoption but bonding is a VERY important part of the process and a good place to start reading.

For both domestic and international adoption you have to pass a homestudy which is basically making sure you can physically, mentally, and financially support yourselves and an additional family member. For International adoption you also must meet income requirements set by the USCIS based on your family size WITH the additional child/ren that you plan to adopt. (This is the reason we won't be able to do another international adoption any time soon, we no longer meet the income requirements since Im not working). Clean criminal history is a must as well. Different countries have other stipulations but they're all different depending on the country- some will adopt only to married couples, some with an age cap, some with an 'age difference' cap between parent and child. Again, if looking for a child with special needs, some of these things can be bypassed.

Please e-mail me if I can answer other questions for you or even if you just want to chat about it!

Rachel said... How have Emma and Micah done with attachment? Have either one struggled or did they do pretty well? Do you think they are fully attached?

I don't know that I'd say they're "fully attached" since we've still been home less than a year and things could still arise, but neither has had many struggles with bonding. We've been very careful from the very beginning to facilitate bonding with the kids and especially with Emma since she is older. We have definitely had moments of "uh oh" and "aha!" with Emma but she knows who her Mom and Dad are and is doing well bonding :)

JennyH said... I can't scroll down her picture on the left side of your blog. I couldn't on the other lay out either. But I see your kids cute pictures then I think I see "welcoming in 2009" Is there going to be more cornish's?
LOL! Um... that's all it says!! "Welcoming IN 2009"... you know... the YEAR :) No plans to welcome new Cornishes in 2009. Those photos are part of the background and it doesn't scroll... maybe one of the new ones I make will be scrolling... we'll see!

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  1. I just wanted to stop in and say "Whoops!" I totally missed this for many days, and then I read it and meant to get back to you... and now it's the second week in January. Not sure how that happened, but it did. My intent is to get an e-mail off to you tonight. :)