Thursday, December 04, 2008

A new skill for Emma!

Last night then again this afternoon Emma has shown us a new skill! Though she's still not signing with her own hands, she's begun to do hand-over-hand with her therapist/teacher! Last night during speech Emma was using Mrs. M's hands to do signs like "more" and to knock on a toy to be opened. We're working toward having Emma do the signs herself, but this is a wonderful step in the right direction!

For those of you that might not know what I'm talking about, here's what I mean. Mrs. M would say "knock knock knock, OPEN" while knocking on a toy they were going to play with. She'd put E's hand on there, but E wouldn't do it. Then after a few times, E took Mrs. M's hand and put it on the box and moved it up and down. Knock knock knock... Today she did it with her teacher, but it was while she was clapping. Emma wouldn't clap herself (tho she CAN) but instead wanted to make her teacher's hands clap. Some of this (today) was control. But the fact that she is trying the things is a wonderful step toward independent signing!!


  1. Wonderful progress! Way to go Emma!


  2. That is excellent! She is really thinking.

  3. That is wonderful! I love hearing about all of your kiddies' milestones and successes.

  4. Meredith,
    Your post brought tears to my eyes! How wonderful that Emma understands and is working on signing! I just love it when our kids' therapists help to show us new skills our kids can do!

  5. Yea Emma!!!
    Her personality reminds me so much of Xander's when trying to teach a new skill. I do believe you are going to experience the same thing I do....days of working on different skills and then one day,an explosion of new skills where suddenly the child can do all these things you've been working on for weeks!
    I say all the time that Xander's biggest problem is his laid back personality and after meeting Emma, I think you're seeing the same thing! What I finally have to do with Xander is to "play dumb"...where I "forget" how to do the skill. Funny how when mommy forgets, Xander can suddenly do it all! Laid back personality and a little bit of a stubborn streak....gotta love 'em!!!!

  6. this is great for Emma! She is really doing just great isn't she?