Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wow, how's that for a blogging hiatus?

I didn't exactly plan on it, but I haven't blogged about family happenings in a long time! And even just general blog posts I haven't done!

It has been pretty busy around here :) Aside from the Reece's Rainbow happenings, We've had 2 opthalmology appointments, Brianna's IEP, and a slew of other things around the house.

The kids are doing great though. Emma is eating so many different things now, it's like a switch just went off and she all the sudden gets what to do with food! She also is willingly bearing weight on her legs and I'm just amazed at that. Micah is starting to say "dadadada" a lot now which of course Mike loves :) Not necessarily with any meaning yet, but that will come in time. Brianna is walking everywhere and is beginning to be open to the idea of walking on different surfaces (grass, mulch, etc.) but still not so sure about it. Kristopher has had a wonderful day today and has decided to make today a day with good behavior so that is good.

All the other stories I'll post separately, but wanted to come back out of my little blogging break and say 'hi'!

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  1. Thanks for all the news! Sounds as if everyone is doing really well (and keeping their parents very busy, naturally!).

    The school plans sound thoughtful and I think Brianna will thrive with this schedule.

    Emma is bearing weight on her legs?! Wow! That's a big achievement!

    It's just great to read about all this progress!

    Best wishes,
    Susan in Ky