Monday, December 01, 2008

Something Fun- Cornish TV

I watched a video over on Christine's Blog with her family 'being real' and I thought- I have video of 'big stuff' but I don't have any video of life just being life around here. So I pulled out our camera and I started recording. And I decided to keep recording so that Daddy- the only person that will likely ever see this video :) - could see what life is like on Monday evenings while he's at school. I let the camera run as we went about "down time" for 20 minutes...

I wish I could share it on here (but no, I'm noot silly enough to think that anyone other than my husband (who am I kidding will HE watch it all???) would want to sit and watch 20 minutes of my kids). Anyway, the file is 1.2GB so it won't be shared here anyway! In fact, I think I'm going to have to burn it to a CD or have it compressed if I want to keep it because that is a rather... large... file :)

Without a doubt these kids keep me busy, but we do have quiet times together too. The noise level in this house can be THROUGH THE ROOF at times and it's a good thing that none of the kids really shut down from loud echoey noises. Our porch/Florida room is the playroom and it sure echoes out there even with rugs and foam mats down on the ground. I guess that's what you get with 4 walls made out of glass doors! So admittedly, I lived the video through the first time then I sat and watched it as I was waiting for my girls to fall asleep and *I* really enjoyed it :) I think it gives a good glimpse of each of the kids' personalities, how they get themselves into trouble.

Of course is included some laughs, some smiles, some playing... and quite a few little ecries, some disobedience, and a boo boo too.

So... think I can talk Mike into watching it all? Maybe one day I'll find some video editing software that's local to the computer (ie: don't have to upload my video before it's edited) and easy to use and I'll bring my 20 minutes down to 3 or so and I'll share a bit of our day with you :)


  1. awwww, I can't see why he wouldn't want to watch at least some of if it.

  2. Funny!!

    my kids (ages 14-6mos) think that it's fun to watch "Nanny"
    "I bet you're glad that we don't act that way mom." WHAT!!

    I threaten them that I would get the camera out so they can see how they REALLY act!!

    Great idea!

  3. I once asked the Pastor's wife from Deaf church if her children sign. She replied, "Yes. When we want somme peace and quiet, we announce, 'Signing Only!' Then we only respond to them if they sign."

    I'm sure the video is a treasure. I didn't realize I left a tape recorder sitting on the table when my kids were little. They turned it on, sang songs, told stories, and argued with each other. Their own children laugh at it now.