Friday, December 12, 2008

Innumerable Blessings

I was writing to an adoptive parent today that is struggling through the very fragile health of one of the children they're adopting. I left some of this as an encouragement to them then realized that it needed to be shared so much more than just with them...

When we met Emma and Micah 10 months ago they were so small, frail, and we looked at them and wondered what would become of them. Micah was 16 months, 11 lbs, throwing up constantly, diarrhea constantly, slept all the time, didn't smile (and never had we're told), didn't hold his head up, didn't make eye contact. Emma was 5 years, 17 lbs, had a major heart issue, didn't hold her head up, didn't smile for the first several days, didn't sit unassisted but did roll to get around, her legs were like a newborn and when I changed her diaper I cried at how there was nothing whatsoever to her bony body.

Wednesday Emma sat in her high chair and FED HERSELF cheerios. Thursday Emma CRAWLED after a ball (in a funny way, but hey, they told us she likely has CP too and wouldn't do much...). This past 2 weeks she's begun to BEAR WEIGHT on her legs and she'll get custom orthotics in a week or two. Her "unrepairable heart defect- she has 6 months to live" is fixed and yesterday at the cardiologist we were told even her pulmonary pressures ("irreversible damage") are slowly coming down and she doesn't need to be seen for FOUR months.

Micah is STANDING. He laughs constantly, he is cruising, he loves to hug his brother and sisters.

They both started out ill and damaged and forgotten alone in their cribs... and they are now THRIVING, which is a testimony only to how good God is. Sometimes, just as in a person with more baggage is more grateful for redemption, a person with further to mend is more of a testimony of God's hand of healing than one without trials.

God has His plans for little "D" that this family is adopting, and tho we don't know whether they'll be long or short, we know that his life is NOW a testimony of God's goodness because He has brought a family to him and now there is one to tell the story.

I'm still amazed that God chose me to be able to tell of His Goodness through Emma and Micah, who by the way are 29 and 24 lbs now and I was told by their doctors to "be careful, we don't want them to get TOO heavy" :)

What a strong reminder this Christmas season that God reighs, He is on the throne, the Father to the Fatherless, the Redeemer.

The family adopting this little guy made a reference I wrote about when we began our adoption journey, the illustration of God's love through the cross and sending His son and the journey to children overseas through adoption. Their strong Faith has led them to this point, and they know that no matter the trials, they are walking in His will and His way. Please pray for little "D" as he continues to struggle with health and for his family who will bring him home.


  1. I just love your blog! I always go away feeling wonderful :) Your an awesome Women!! :)

  2. God answers prayers with wait, yes and no and somethings are not as we had hoped. I wish the family of "D" blessings and insight. LOve, Mom

  3. Prayers for D and continued prayer and praise for your family!

  4. It is amazing to see the changes in both children, I have been lucky to witness transformations in my little ones too.

    Emma is doing so well, (Micah too of course) I am always so happy to read what new thing she is doing; crawling? WTG miss Emma.

  5. Thanks Meredith! That is so encouraging. I'm sure your experience has been so encouraging to D and R as they believe for a miracle for little D's life!

  6. Your story and experience is such an amazing one, and I frequently tell people about it. I'll be thinking about that other family, and hope for the best for them.