Tuesday, December 23, 2008

That's gonna leave a mark!

I'm finally getting the folding chairs put away after our party here on Saturday. Emma decided this morning that they make a cool noise when falling over on the tile (not once but TWICE, so I know the second time was on purpose!). Thankfully no one was hurt (and I seriously thought the first time was a fluke and wouldn't happen again... shame on me I guess...). Until I went to put the chairs AWAY. Walking through the house with one chair under each arm wouldn't be such a difficult task for most people. Unless there are little ones around!

I stepped up the thresh hold from the porch to the family room and raised the chair above Micah since he was in the doorway. A simple "excuse me" works for Brianna and she'll move out of the way but Micah's not there yet. I lifted the chairs and wouldn't you know...

I had rolled up my jeans to give Emma a shower (after the second chair tumble) and hadn't unrolled them yet and somehow... somehow the chair got caught in my pants and I started to fall over! I couldn't reach out and grab anything but did avoid landing on either of the nearby children. My toe got stubbed (likely jammed since it still hurts) and I landed with all my weight on my bicep area on the top of the metal folding chair. OW. I seriously was waiting for the CRACK but thankfully I caught some of my weight on the other arm and leaned in to the back of the couch a bit to catch the remaining balance that still wasn't there...

It's been about 10 minutes and the big red mark is still there and the blue bruising began almost immediately. OUCH. Luckily neither of the little ones is hurt and the chairs are now safely stowed in the office!

This was all after my oh so fun bath experience with my two youngest who love to take baths together. They are both young enough that genders aren't an issue and both are oblivious. I can sit at the end of my couch and watch them in the tub while they play (after being washed) and have Emma and K in here with me. Until I heard a noise. A BAD noise. A grunting noise. And I was too late... the deed was done, the water was emptied, the kids were RE-scrubbed, the playtime resumed. Until I went to get them out. And I discovered it. The SECOND poopy child. When is he going to learn to make noises to alert us of his hind-end happenings?

Two children, six baths, a shower for Emma after (was DONE with tubs..).


  1. Ouch Meredith! On your bicep that you have to use to tote those heavy kids around, too. I remember the days of poopy water! Have a wonderful Christmas and may your New Year be blessed beyond measure.

  2. Poor thing!

    I remember when my son was about a yr old and we had a gate across the kitchen doorway. I picked him up to take him into the kitchen for lunch and was chattering away at him, and FORGOT the gate was there! We went spilling over the gate, with me doing all sorts of painful contortions so that I wouldn't drop/land on/crush the baby! He was fine, but I have those criss-crossed gate markes on my legs for a week!

  3. From our hearts to yours wishing you a very Merry Christmas....

    May the fat man bring all your heart wishes for!!

    Love from outback Australia.....