Friday, December 26, 2008

New backgrounds :)

I'm playing with my blog backgrounds over the next few weeks :) I had a Christmas one up for about.. um.. 3 days :) And now it's on to a New Year's one. A few more surprises over the next few months as well (already have them made, so I hope I can remember to change them over!). It's so much easier to change these now that I can FTP in to our home server and host my own images :) :) SOOOOO nice!

If you read on a feed hop over to see the new backdrop before it changes! :)


  1. I loved the ones with their santa hats but the gingerbread one are preciouse too

  2. Great pictures... and a very creative idea, I think. :o)

  3. Since you are so computer savvy, how do I create a button on my blog and link it to our RR family page? Something I have wanted to do,but just don't know how!