Monday, December 22, 2008

Micah's Beginning

Yep, I really made one for Micah! Can't believe I found the time, can you? (laughing, this doesn't take much time thank GOD!) Here's where Micah came from and to in the past 9 months including a host of developmental gross motor milestones and a personality that he didn't gift us with until we were home. What a blessing our littlest man is!


  1. What a great video, I'm grinning from ear to ear, it is very clear to see what a happy, funny child he is and completely a child of God.

  2. The change is simply amazing! I still remember seeing Micah and Emma for the first time when they had been home about a month. I really enjoy watching them change over time. It makes me even more excited to adopt someday!!!

  3. Oh how I love both videos and am just smiling at how they both have blossomed.

  4. Wonderful Video. He has definitely come a long way. Love the smiles!

    The pictures are adorable with their Santa Hats on.

    Mom C