Monday, December 01, 2008

About that hiccup

Yesterday after some benadryl and a nap Emma's face looked much better. Good enough that we passed it off and decided it was done and she was fine. Then this morning Emma woke up with it around her eyes, covering her forehead, covering pretty much every inch of her face and under her ears, under her chin... but nowhere else on her body. So I did give in and call for an appointment and took her to the doctor this morning.

Aside from the fact that no one has any idea what actually caused the rash- only thing that's new is peaches, and that likely would have caused a rash in more areas than her face. No new laundry detergent, soap, shampoo, lotions, etc... but we decided to treat it like contact dermatitis. AKA- she touched something to her face that's caused a reaction.

Hydrocortisone cream 2x/day for 2 weeks, vaseline or hypoallergenic lotion between. If it spreads to other areas of the body or if she has a fever or any other unusual symptoms then we'll bring her back to the doctor.

That was not exactly what I wanted to do with my morning- travel to the doctor with 3 small children in tow (K was at school), but I'm glad that it's nothing that's contagious and hopefully an easy fix with just cream and lotion. Then again, since we don't know what caused it, we also don't know how to prevent it...


  1. Isn't that frustrating? Knowing something caused it but not sure what. (especially when it happens to one of the kids) You didn't clean the carpets with anything new did you? Or spray something on them? She didn't touch anyone's clothing that could have caused it? Wool??? (OKay, maybe not in Florida)

    Hope it doesn't come back again. I had the same problem back in Oct. (Happened to me) I have no idea what caused it. It went away, then came back one more time. Itched like crazy.


  2. Eucerin is a good cream to use and if you have a Walmart near you they sell an equate version of Cetaphil and its brilliant for baths.

    Perhaps wash anything that was in her bed last night.

  3. I would see if your carpet is wool. I'm allergic to that and so is my daughter. Causes eczema quickly! I won't even look at sheep anymore! lol

  4. Glad her rash is better. I enjoyed all the Thanksgiving pictures!

  5. You should have called me!!! We would have been happy to have two of your kids! Call anytime!
    I hope it clears up quickly! I'll see you tomorrow!