Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Online shopping savings tip :)

If you're shopping online this Christmas...

You might consider trying a little procrastination to help you out!

Of course, pay attention to any sales on things you want to buy, but consider a few other things as you're shopping. I went to K-mart on Monday and chose a swing I wanted to get to replace one that is too small for the kids for our playset. While there I realized that shipping was $6.25 and I wasn't wanting to spend that much. I saw an offer to sign up for their e-mails and receive a $5 off coupon for online and one for the store. I clicked through and sure enough received the promo offer within a few hours. Unfortunately, the code didn't work for me (no idea why). But... in signing up for promos today I received an e-mail for free shipping. You can only use one coupon, but the free shipping saves me $6.25 instead of just the $5 I would have saved :) Try signing up for e-mail promos for a few days before placing your order (but watch those sales so you don't miss out!).

I just placed my order and paid just the cost of the swing +tax and it'll be sent to my home instead of me having to haul 4 kids (or spend my VERY limited alone time- ok who am I kidding- time with just a kid or two or three that won't be upset that they saw it before Christmas...) to the store to get it :)


  1. Also - when ordering online, Google for any coupons or Promo codes for that retailer. I have done all this year's shopping online and have saved on Free Shipping or 10 to 20% off my order!

  2. I have to say--I did all of my shopping at site-to-store it was great and free shipping!