Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Been a long day- and swallow study tomorrow

It's been a long but somewhat productive day! Three of the kids went to the church for 'school' this morning and Emma and I headed out for errands. We dropped off some things at a friend's house then hit Wal-Mart for a TINY bit of Christmas shopping as well as groceries. Home, unload and put away perishables then we were back out to Target to pick up a few other things on the list, grab Mike a coffee at Starbucks (inside Target) and we headed back to the church for lunch with Mike. I picked up the crew, headed home, and Micah had napped at the church (grr.... LOL) and therefore didn't nap at home. Brianna took a decent nap and Kristopher watched a short video (Frosty of course...) while Emma played for a few minutes. I got to catch up with my mom for a few in there then it was a round of snacks... then another round of food... then another round of food... and another... and that was all JUST BRIANNA! She ate a LOT!

We ate a good ole Oven Baked Pizza for dinner (well, Kristopher and I did- and later Mike when he got home about 6:15- Brianna ate her dinner around 4:30 and it consisted of a bunch of little but healthy things!). Then it was bedtime routines because all the kids were pretty groggy getting up this morning and we've got to get back onto a more normal bedtime schedule. We bumped it forward to 7:15 tonight instead of 8:00.

During the afternoon I got a phone call from the children's hospital saying that they had an opening for tomorrow to do Micah's swallow study if we wanted to come in. PERFECT, because I also have to do Emma's bloodwork and hers has already waited a while and I didn't want it to have to wait another week and a half. I got the new script so I could take her over there when I took her to the doctor on Monday. I called up a friend and she agreed to go with me tomorrow so she can hold on to Emma during Micah's swallow study since E can't be in the room (it uses x-ray). She agreed before she knew (or I knew) that they wanted us there- an hour away- at 7:30! A true friend... (THANKS CHRIS!) :) I then got on the phone with my mom who was fine watching Brianna and if Kristopher gets out of school before I'm home she'll grab him too. Of course she won't have to get up at the crack of dawn because Mike will just drop Brianna off to my mom when he's bringing Kristopher to school (which happens to also be where Mike works) :) Good thing my parents moved 2 blocks away from the church :)

So... tomorrow at 6:00 I'll start piling into the car with Emma and Micah, pick up Chris and we'll be on our way to Orlando for a fun morning of barium, bloodwork, and hopefully a leisurely brunch afterward :) It's been a while since Chris and I got to spend much time together so I'm looking forward to her company tomorrow! We worked together two or three days a week at the church for several years so it's been weird this last year or two to not see her as often.

Oh, and Lu- I got your message, very sweet :) And to the winners of the book give-away I received the books yesterday and will send them out hopefully on Thursday to you. I also have another stack of odd things in envelopes that just need to be addressed like a power cord (Shelley), assorted stuff from the Buddy Cruise and AT money (Andrea), and SCRAPBOOK pages which I realized hadn't been sent only last week (Joy). Hopefully I can get those all out on Thursday while three of the kids are at school- and before Emma has PT :)

Another side note- anyone have great Christmas ideas for an adorable 2 year old little plump kiddo that has everything and needs nothing? I'm thinking an empty box. Or some newspaper to crunch. Maybe a box filled with newspaper?


  1. Hip-hip-hooray! for a swallow study and blood work!! I'll be praying.

  2. I think he needs some diapers, a few new bins, and maybe a new pair of shoes...... all wrapped in a huge box!

  3. Meredith, I wanted to let you know that I gave the director your letter and he seemed very pleased, he said that he would show it to everyone. He opened his log book to show me your names, your children's names, and where you are from. He is a wonderful!

  4. Hmmm....you could buy him some clothes, or maybe a donation to Reece's Rainbow for a child that does not have a mommy or a daddy yet.

  5. "anyone have great Christmas ideas for an adorable 2 year old little plump kiddo that has everything and needs nothing?"

    BUBBLE WRAP!!! =D In a box in a box in a box in a box in a box...you can't go wrong with those!

    I just wanted to say hello and let you know that I'm subscribing to your blog!

  6. Colorful tissue paper is always a big hit with little ones at our house...