Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Brianna's IEP

We had Brianna's IEP meeting on Monday and it went fine. They began the meeting by asking me what we'd decided as far as keeping her home or putting her in at the school we'd visited. We decided to go ahead and put her in at the school on a trial basis for January and give her some time to adjust and see how it works. I have my reservations about how she'll handle it, but we can't know that until we try it. Home based care is still an option if we decide to do that. Her service staffing coordinator... whatever she's really called... is going out for surgery during Christmas and will be back at the end of January, so she'll help us to make a new plan at the end of January if need be.

Brianna will start on Monday and Wednesdays going to a 3 yr old class from 8-11:30. On Tuesday and Thursday she'll continue to attend the 2 yr old class at the church from 8:30-12:30 (where Micah already attends). Brianna will be getting 30 minutes of 1 on 1 PT each week at the new preschool as well as 1 hour of speech per week which is split between whole-class time and small group time. There are only 8 students in the class the days she's there (or so I understand). Four have IEP's and four do not.

We are trusting that God will give us wisdom in whether this is working out in the way it should or not. We are still struggling with whether or not to continue Kristopher in his preschool setting after Christmas break so having another decision for another child on top of that is a bit difficult. At the moment the plan is to allow them both to go back to school in January. We'll see what happens and continue to be perceptive of what the kids need and whether their school situations are providing them with all the "good stuff they need" or whether we'd be better teaching them by keeping them home. Each child is so different and each need and even each schooling situation that I feel like there's a constant need to evaluate and reevaluate our children's schooling to determine the best place for them to be!

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