Saturday, December 20, 2008

Our Visit with Michelle and Ciarra!

Finally... some PICTURES!  Michelle was down the weekend after Thanksgiving to visit the parks and I haven't had a minute to post the pictures from our visit!  We met up at a Denny's in Orlando but we basically had half the restaurant to ourselves.  It was a great spot to meet up!  Michelle is a wonderful friend that I've known "online" since Brianna was a little under a year old. She owns and runs a private Ds support group online and that's where I call "home" on the web. 

Her beautiful daughter, Ciarra, was such a sweetheart and it was great to meet them both and spend time with them as well as introduce them to our family!  Michelle has become a big adoption advocate and walked through our entire adoption- all the ups and downs of it- with us.  She is a wonderful friend that not only said "this is a good thing you're doing", but supported us through e-mails, phone calls, and we came home to a beautiful gift for our new children- a "money tree" of gift cards to help pay for diapers and supplies for our children.  Michelle and the "ROA Family" have meant so much to me over the last two years and I enjoyed getting to meet her IN PERSON!  Here are some pictures of our visit together:


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Michelle's mom loving on Micah :)

100 101 102 103

Michelle's oldest two, Kristen and Jesse, and her step dad also came along :)

104 105 108 112

Here it is... Chelle doing what she does best... Taking PICTURES! (now if only she could find that memory stick... LOL!)

113 114

Thank you SO MUCH, Michelle, for taking the time out of your vacation to come and visit with us!  I can't imaging having you so close and not getting to meet.  Ciarra is just beautiful (as are all of your children of course...) and I'm so glad we got to meet up!


  1. How great that all of you were able to get together! The pictures are wonderful.

  2. I could just cry! I am so jealous! Why can't you all live in England? I'm jealous you got to meet Ciarra and Michelle and her family and I'm jealous they got to meet all of you! lol!

    Everyone is gorgeous and it looks like it was such a brilliant time! Thank you for sharing the photos!


  3. Aw, so much fun!!! I need to get back down there so I can see you again! OR, you could make a road trip up north with your FOUR children to my ONE child. LOL! Glad that you were finally able to meet up!!!

  4. awww, we so enjoyed it Mer. Thanks for meeting TWO different Dennys lol. I still havent found my memory stick