Monday, March 21, 2011

The run around

This month has been rough on us when trying to fill prescriptions.  For starters, we have 3 kids each on one daily med, and 1 child on 5 daily meds.  We also have 4 other meds filled as needed for the kids.  Thankfully 2 of those are over the counter.  That means I don't have to deal with a pharmacy!!

At the beginning of March we tried to refill a script for one of the kids and we were told it was out of stock, and they could transfer our script to a store the next town north, about 30 minute drive from us, and we could get it that day.  At that time there were AWFUL fires up there and many of the roads were closed.  We were also attempting to leave for Philly for the wedding and didn't want to get stuck for hours in traffic.  We said to just fill it at our home store when they got it in, and we left for vacation.

On our way home we got a text that our prescription was ready.  The next day we got a phone message that our script would be put back into inventory if we didn't pick it up.  So I went to the store.  But it hadn't been filled there, they had (even tho I asked them not to...) transferred our script to the store 30 minutes away.  So we didn't get it.

I wasn't able to make the drive that day, so it was another day before I could go up to the other store to get it.  In the meantime we got another 'reminder' text that our prescription was ready.  Before driving to the store, I called to be sure it's in.  They said no, they hadn't ever filled it.  (WHO HAD??).  But, they said they have the med and could fill it, but it would take about an hour.  No problem, I was 30 minutes away anyway!  So we went to the bank and meandered our way up to the pharmacy.

At the drive through they said they didn't fill it because I'd just picked it up the week before.  Really??  Because I had BEEN there to get it, but it wasn't there-- at the other store!  And I certainly hadn't been to that store.  So they said they had to call our insurance and get it figured out...  I said "Ok, I'll wait 15 minutes, I'll be parked in the lot with my kids and I'll be back through the drive through."

Twenty minutes came and went and I went back to the drive through window.  Oh, yes, they JUST got confirmation from insurance and would begin processing it now.  Another 15 minutes please.   "Sure."  And we went to park again.  On my way pulling away, though, I noticed a sign that said "free next day delivery, North area" (including our area).  Hmm... WHY did I have to drive 30 minutes and sit for 40 if they could deliver to my house??

Fifteen minutes later I pulled up again and asked about the delivery.  They assured me it's simple and guaranteed to be delivered between 9 and 1 the next business day.  Interesting.  THEN they went to 'mix' the script since, I guess, they were waiting for me to pull up to mix it?? No idea, since they knew I was sitting in the parking lot!  So we waited again..

Now, fast forward to this week.  On Friday I called the pharmacy and said I want to have some scripts delivered.  I told them which ones and noted who and gave them information to bill to my credit card for them.  They would be delivered on Monday between 9 and 1.  You get where this is going, right?

So... today, although I brought Lynae to the doctor's, SOMEONE was at my house all day.  Until 1:45 when I left to go get the kids from school.  No prescription delivery.

My cell phone got left out (attempting to dry...) and I decided instead of driving home after school that I'd go use my parents' phone to call the pharmacy.  I called.  I was transferred around and ended up being connected with a store in Mesa.  I don't know WHERE Mesa is, but it's not in my hometown, I can assure you!

So my mom got in the car and we drove 30 minutes to the pharmacy and she waited in the car with the kids while I went in to see what in the world happened to our prescriptions.  After all, I needed on TONIGHT for Micah, because he already only got 1/2 dose (it's liquid) of his this morning since it was at the end...

45 minutes later, I walked out having been handed the scripts I needed for today and reassured that this has never happened before and would never happen again... and I'd be getting my scripts delivered tonight sometime AS WELL as the ones that he gave me.  It's now 4:45, and...?  Nothing.

Somehow I don't think it's supposed to be this difficult to get prescriptions!  Seriously, it should be a matter of dropping off a piece of paper (or calling in a refill) and picking it up at a drive through window.  It really shouldn't require hours in the car and multiple trips through the drive through!

Kristopher asked why we were at the Pharmacy AGAIN... Mom said "because they're not competent!" LOL.  He learned a new word today :).

So... if you're local and have a pharmacy that you're HAPPY WITH, that has a drive through and good hours, and seems to be competent (hee hee), please do share :).  Even better if they have a delivery service... that really actually delivers!


  1. Oh please, don't get me started on pharmacy woes...I could go on and on. :( We live in a small town with only three pharmacies, and I've had those same experiences at all three. And it seems like it's getting worse all the time. I have to wonder if ObamaCare might have something to do with the ever-increasing hassles. When a pharmacy that has as many as 8 employees working at any given time isn't able to fill a simple prescription for antibiotics in a timely manner (within 20-30 minutes), something is seriously wrong with the system!

  2. This sounds remarkably like some of the issues I've had with CVS. Nothing nearly as frustrating as your issues with your pharmacy, but still some ridiculous and discombobulated communications with them. It really shouldn't be that hard...

  3. I used to get my prescriptions from family drug mart in Port St. John. It has been a long time since I have been this pharmacy so I can't tell you their hours but i do know that they deliver. Well they used to anyway... Hope this helps :)

  4. Ok, this isn't funny, but it really made me laugh. I'm a Frequent Pharmacy Flier, since I am diabetic. All the pharmacists at all my pharmacies have always known me by name, and usually sigh when they see me coming. :) Right now, I am getting GREAT service at Target!

  5. That is utterly ridiculous! I would have gone ballistic. I hope they (finally) delivered in time for the next dose.

  6. Hey guess what! I live in Mesa :)

  7. Our local grocery pharmacy also has a specialty pharmacy. This pharmacy works with patients with chronic medical needs to ensure their prescriptions are always filled as needed. We will be working with them through our pediatric infectious diseases unit at our children's hospital. You might check and see if there is something like that available in your area. They deliver ALL of the meds to your house and will even deliver to wherever you are on vacation!

  8. Let me guess CVS? There like that here too. They would refill my meds and then call to pester me about picking them up when I'd removed myself from the auto-fill numerous times. I'd removed everyone in our house from the ready-fill and they still auto fill things and I have to refuse them. My meds dosages change often or sometimes I'll have one thing prescribed and then within a month it's been changed to something else totally (diabetic.) So when I got to pick something up they have 8 things waiting for me...uh no thanks. If I dare show up at the time I requested a prescription be filled they haven't filled it yet and I wait for 30 mins. You have more patience than I would have, I would have probably yelled at someone.
    We found that the people at Target's pharmacy are more than competent and even color code the bottles to assure there aren't any mix ups, they were quick to call me when there was an error on the dosage for one of Brett's meds and quick to call his pediatrician to fix it. You might want to check them out. Good luck getting the meds you need this evening.