Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hello from crazyville...

I'm at the local hospital with Micah waiting to hear the result of the x-ray.He's been admmitted here but if it's pneumonia we'll be headed to the children's hospital in Orlando. Fever is down and HR too, but he's wheezing really bad and you can see retraction on his ribs when he breathes. He's sleeping now and finally ate ok for Mike around 2. He headed to work and the other 3 are with my mom at my house. I'm keeping camp here for a while...


  1. hang in there, hopefully he'll rebound just fine!
    It is tough coming from a different county and getting exposed to all sorts of new places and things, kids pick that stuff up. He'll be back on track in no time seeing as you had him admitted quickly after symptoms started.
    Amy O.

  2. Praying Jesus' strength and grace and mercy on you, Meredith.

    Karen s. RR