Saturday, April 12, 2008

One more day...

We're here for one more day... They want to get his breathing treatments down to every 4 hours before discharging Micah, so we're here at least until morning if not tomorrow afternoon or later. He's doing really well and isn't wheezing most of the time, isn't retracting when he breathes, and hasn't had a fever for 24 hours... but we've got to get the breathing treatments down before going home.

Mike's on his way up with the other 3 in tow. He'll call when he gets here and we'll swap off in the parking lot. Then I can go home, shower, hug my other 3 (after my shower!!) and spend a little time with them. Then it's back up here and we'll swap again in the parking lot. Mike's got a lot to work on with his paper that was due last week (he's in grad school, if I haven't already mentioned that) and he got an extension due to Emma's medical stuff earlier in the week until this Monday. So he needs to be at home and able to lock himself away and work on his paper while the kids are sleeping.

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