Monday, April 07, 2008

Emma's heart cath is tomorrow

First our prayer request:  Emma's heart cath will be tomorrow, Monday, at 9am.  They'll be doing 3 different diagnostic tests and expect it to take around 2-3 hours.  Provided there are no complications she will be released from the hospital about 6 hours later and we will return home.  We should hear the results and interpretations before her release and have a scheduled surgery date (if she is a candidate for surgery) tomorrow.

Now... today... :)  Today I was told by one very surprised cardiologist that my child has beat out all odds in several different ways and is amazing!  Didn't we know that though? :o)

Here's the short(er) story-  as I understand it right now.  Of course as with all things each day brings new understanding and I may change things tomorrow :)

Emma's oxygen saturation levels are at 94-97% AMAZING!!!

Her heart is NOT VERY ENLARGED!  Especially after having 5 yrs of damage.

Her heart pressures HAVEN'T REVERSED as should be the case with pulmonary hypertension and large defect for this long of a period of time.

The cardiologist actually asked us whether we were sure of Emma's birthday.  Emma's size, condition, and defect all would be much more in line with a younger child.  She said several times that this is such an unusual case to have a child with Down syndrome and an unrepaired AV canal that is in such good condition.  We know God's been watching out for Emma and SO MANY have covered her in prayer.  I can't wait to read the next chapter of what He's going to do with her life.

Mike left a few minutes ago to go to the store and get more baby food, diapers, wipes, and a photo printed.  Then he's going by the post office to send our kids' registration to the Ukrainian Embassy.  After that he's off to Orlando for his class tonight.  He should be back to the RMH in Tampa around midnight.  It will be a long afternoon and night for us all!

Ok, I said I was going to keep it short(er).  How's this?

Mike diapers photo post school

Me crazy 2 kids no car

Tomorrow early cath wait

Bria K with grandma ok

I Need A Nap :)


  1. ya know, maybe Ukraine was protecting her by keepng her bedridden...I hope that it helped and wasnt all for nothing

  2. Prayer changes things and we'll keep praying that her complications in life are easy to resolve. Love to all of you...Mom

  3. WOW...well, we KNEW she was a miracle, right? Atta girl, Emma!

  4. Wow, God is so good...I will be praying for her cath tomorrow and for good results that it can be repaired.

  5. What a little miracle Emma is! I am praying for Emma and the procedure tomorrow. I am also praying for your peace of mind.

  6. I'm praying! What amazing reports from the doctors already.

    (I was so excited to see her sitting as I scrolled down, catching up on some posts)

  7. I'm so happy to read your update. That little girl is a fighter...that's for sure!I will be praying for more good news tomorrow.

  8. Praying hard that it all goes well and she will soon have a healed heart!

  9. Great news!!! We'll pray for the cath.

  10. There is something so special and amazing about Emma. I will be praying for her and the procedure tomorrow.

  11. Ok, I literally just got goosebumps. That is GOD working- WOW, what a testimony. Good luck with everything- praying for all of you!!!

  12. Hope all went well with the heart cath and hope you got your nap!

  13. Amazing! We all know Miss Emma is a miracle in itself! I will say a prayer for yall today and her heart repairable.


  14. God bless you all! Emma is such a sweet soul and God has many plans for her. I'm praying right now for her and for all of you.