Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ah, the doctor results...

We figured out why Emma wasn't eating, why she still has a yellow goober nose, and why she's coughing... EAR INFECTION. That's SO MUCH better than the alternatives! She's already been through a round of anti's for it so they gave her a stronger one and she'll start that this afternoon. I'm relieved to say the least!

The ped also prescribed Zantac for Micah and said it won't stop him from spitting up but will lessen the acidity so it's not damaging his throat.

And... drum roll... EMMA WEIGHS 20 LBS! She beat Brianna to the mark! And Micah- 16! He's gained FIVE pounds since coming home!

Both kids also got vaccinations, Micah is caught up now and Emma needs more in a month then more in 6 months.

Emma's neck X-ray came back with some concerns (not surprised) but I don't know what it means and the doctor wasn't much help :) it says "reversal of the normal cervical lordosis. Prominent residual thin chondrosis at the base of the odontoid. Widening of the prevertebral soft tissues cannot be excluded." That make sense to anyone? Micah's x-rays came back fine but we still need to see the orthotist for him since his back is so well pronounced with the unusual curve. No question about his neck but he's so small we'll need it repeated eventually.

Emma's breath holding (did I mention that here?) we were told to call the cardio about because it could be related to the heart and we should talk with her to make sure she doesn't have any concerns. I'm waiting for a call back (if they find it necessary) later on today.

Oh- and last week we found out that Micah and Brianna both need to see an endo for their thyroid, and we STILL haven't gotten Emma's thyroid tested. Darn, I should have asked for that today! I bet I can call and just ask for the script for that though :) That's it on the doctor front here. I HOPE we don't make it back to the ped for a MONTH until E gets her next shots!!! Considering we've been home 8 weeks and been to the doctor at LEAST 1x/week with one or more children, it sounds a little hopeful to think we could go 4 weeks without :) Of course maybe we could catch up on those other specialists during that time!


  1. No idea on the neck thing! Hope it is nothing!

  2. Goodness, Meredith, I don't know how you do it all. And with such a great attitude too. Any word on heart surgery for Emma?

  3. Hi, generally you have a lordosis in the neck and low back (arching backwards) and kyphosis in the thorax.
    It's not so surprising that Emma's lordosis is diminished in the neck, when you look at the overly developed muscles in the front and her tendency to hang her head forward (which in your more recent pictures seems to have gotten better). I initially thought that she must have been lying on her back a lot, therefore mainly using her forward flexion muscles in the neck, which do stand out (sternocleidomastoideus muscles). Another possibility would be difficult or strained breathing, which also contributes to prominent SCM muscles in the neck, those are accessory breathing muscles as well as flexors/rotators.
    The odontoid process belongs to the 2nd vertebra (axis) and connects the axis to the atlas (1st vertebra). So the odontoid is in the atlanto-axial joint between 1-2 cervicals.
    Not sure about the relevance of the findings on the odontoid, but I think it is a concern related to the Ds.
    So, Emmas neck is flexed instead of arched back, could be caused by positioning/lack of stimulation (tummy-time...) of the extensors or other factors. There seems (in photos) to be imbalance of muscle strength in anterior (flexor) muscles vs. the extensors.
    Which is primary/secondary? The muscle imbalance or the structural representation in the x-rays? Hard to tell.
    Cervical posture is often a reflection of lumbar posture. If you sit with your low back flat or bent forward, it forces your neck to do the same. So, it usually helps to correct at the lumbar level (try to encourage lumbar lordosis with support/exercise/positioning) and the neck will follow.
    And, x-rays sometimes depict a position that is not necessarily fixed, but variable. You may for instance present with a side-flexion scoliosis if you have acute pain in one side of your abdomen. This would be a functional finding rather than structural and not a true scoliosis. So, it is possible to catch a picture of a hypermobile little girl, bending her very flexible spine forwards...
    Another picture might show her backward sway, which she can probably perform as well.
    But, if there is a problem with the atlanto-axial joint stability, forward flexion of the neck is not where you would want Emma to spend her day, since that position puts a lot of strain on said odontoid process.
    Have I managed to make this even more confusing?
    Hope not,
    Wishing you all the best with all your children, near and far.
    May they all thrive and be happy.

  4. Wow, Gudlaug, thank you. If you get this, would you e-mail me at I have another question for you.


  5. A comment on an old post, and maybe you've found the answer already...but regarding the breath holding, this is sometimes seen in children with low iron levels. Weird, huh!?!