Friday, April 25, 2008

From Mom

Kristopher is looking forward to hearing from everyone, so if you can spare a minute to comment, he's excited to read the replies :)

Ahhh... my littlest blogger!


  1. Love the pictures! The cookie looks YUMMY. I like dinosaurs, too.


  2. Kristopher, you are one amazing/handsome boy!! I enjoyed looking at all of the fantastic pictures! The dinosaurs pictures are EXTRA cool!!! GOOD JOB!!

  3. Hi Kristopher.
    Uncle Walt and I were looking at all the pictures that you took. Do you know that helps us way out here in Calif. to see how you all look and especially how much you are growing. Aubrey and Emily have cameras also. Maybe they would take some pictures of all of us out here to send to you. What would you think of that.
    We love you all
    Aunt Dottie
    Meredith, you and Mike are awesome. Have I told you that before

  4. Hi Kristopher! It's Christina, Kallie and Brittany's mom! Do you remember coming and playing at my house? We will be coming up there really soon to see you and Brianna and your new brother and sister!

  5. Kristopher,
    Your pictures made it all the way over here to Germany for us to see!! Way to go!! I think you might want to keep a camera handy, as it seems like you have a real knack with it!

  6. K you are a good looking kid!! Kevin enjoyed seeing your pictures. Becky did too.

    Chris, Becky and Kevin

  7. Kristopher, you are an amazing photographer. Keep up the great work buddy!

  8. Kristopher,

    Great pictures! You are not only an awesome photographer but a fabulous big brother! You are pretty darn cute too!!!

    Dawn Moore