Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Yes, post #4 tonight- or is it 5? Surgeon's call

I called the surgeon's office at 4pm. I was supposed to hear something "Monday or Tuesday" and here it was... 1 hr before closing on Tuesday...

Long story short, the only appointment in Tampa is for April 28th, 3pm, which we simply CANNOT do. Mike has a conference all weekend and that is either the last class of his current course load (and he has a paper and presentation due) or the first class of the next semester (in which case he can't miss it or his grade automatically goes down an entire letter grade and that would be his one absense allowed for the next 8 weeks). Yes, you'd think he knows which it is. It's not that easy and we're NOT going there!! Anyway, that class is at 6pm in Orlando and there's simply no way he would make it.

The person on the phone then told me that Dr. Q won't be in Tampa again until June. JUNE! She then says.. but he'll be in St. Pete. Um... I'm driving 3 hours either way, what's another 30 minutes? Schedule me in St. Pete!! She asks me to hold a moment... I willingly oblige (what other option did I have, really?) Then she comes back and says that... her calendar is down. :)

She then says she'll call me in the morning 8:30 or 9. I'll be at the pediatrician. We finally decided that I'll call her after we're done at the ped tomorrow and she'll have an appointment for me. Oh, and did I mention that Mike's got a conference coming up so there's an entire week we can't schedule anything that he needs to be at? Maybe it WILL be June...

More tomorrow.


  1. I hope you get some answers and an appointment in St Pete...


  2. I didn't mean to not leave my name about saying Emma might have an ear infection. I'm glad she is doing better! Rae (aka Cameron at downsyn)