Friday, April 18, 2008

Another mobile (and talking!) one :)

I watched a video clip of Michelle's the other day and that motivated me to get some video of Brianna walking. She's doing a bit of the Frankenstein thing because she's not wearing her orthodics, but she's doing GREAT! She wasn't even pulling to a stand yet in January, and here it is April and she's getting up and down like a pro! Oh, and she's giggly because she can stand on her toes, which is weird because she usually has shoes on ;)



  1. Ohhhh I LOVE watching her! Brings back lots of memories from when Angela was little. And look at her get around! What a doll!

  2. Oh Meredith, I love Brianna's "scoot"! I love seeing how our babies with Down Syndrome figure out their own special way to get around! My Annie, 3 yrs, with Ds, used to crawl the sweetest little forward crawl, dragging one leg behind...but she sure knew how to get around fast!

    Karen s. RR

  3. That is great. My little guy still has that 'stiff' leg walk sometimes. Who cares, they're mobile and it works for them. Brianna is adorable.


  4. That was wonderful! I loved hearing her voice. The boys have requested videos of Kristopher.
    Go figure



  5. She's doing so god! I can't wait to see her again! Tell her I want another web cam date again soon! :-)

  6. She's doing VERY well Mer! That is great!!!