Thursday, April 24, 2008

Busy day today

It began last night when I got to bed around 1:30am. I was TIRED. 5:45 and Micah was looking for food (he's doing better! YAY!) so I was up. Back out on the couch for a few minutes, but I'm sure I got no more than 4 hrs of sleep.

Of course a lack of sleep meant that we ran a little late this morning and K and B both go to our church KAD program Tues/Thurs mornings for a few hours. So by the time I left my house (about 10 min from the church) it was 8:55. KAD started at 8:30. I called on my way- just in case- since they were doing a "Mother's Lunch" with the older classes today and I didn't want him being late to leave he and I out of the count for the activity. No problem, we were fine :).

By the time I got there and unloaded all 4 children it was about 9:10 and both K and B's classes were in the gym. Normally on Thursdays Brianna goes to the 'baby room' for the first hour or so because she's not walking and the teachers aren't comfortable having her in the gym (but I hope she'll be able to soon!!). But since it was only another 20 minutes until they were going back to the classroom and Brianna's been a little clingy the past day or two I decided to just hang out in the gym with her (and Emma and Micah) until her class went back. That way she didn't have to go to the other room for just a few minutes.

Finally about 9:50 I left (after mysteriously finding one of the gym balls UNDER the baby carseat in the back of the double stroller... still not sure how it got there but I re-packed the kids and went to return it!) and headed for home. I got home, unloaded Emma and Micah, warmed their bottles, fed them, repacked them into the car, and headed back out!

Kristopher's lunch started at 11 and I made it just in time. We had a nice time together and I got to wear a beautiful necklace that K made for me :) We sat with his friends Taylor and Landon and he was so excited to get to share his special day with me. I thought I had the cutest date in the room :D

After lunch we picked up the rest of the crew and headed back home, which made it a little after 1 when we got home. After unloading 4 it was time for another round of bottles and Brianna was already asleep so she went straight to bed. Then naps all-around (except for K who sat on the couch with me), including Mommy. Yep, I conked out too. K woke me up (he was laying with me) when he heard Bria fussing so we were mostly all up around 3:30 or so. Except Emma. She slept until about 4:40!

We played and hung out in the afternoon a bit then packed everyone up, changed diapers, another round of bottles of course, and we headed out the door. We were supposed to meet up with family from out of town but with kids not feeling great and the morning stuff that threw our nap time off we had to cancel. We still wanted to meet up but when we left the house to swing by there we missed them again.

Off to Wendy's we went and picked up some burgers and chicken nuggets. It was a BEAUTIFUL day at the park and we sat at a picnic table and enjoyed our dinner-- complete with our favorite person who we picked up along the way-- DADDY!! I brought an air powered rocket with us to the park and after lunch a small crew of little boys arrived out of nowhere and we were glad it had 7 little rockets with it :) Each kid had their turn jumping on the little air bladder and shooting the rocket off then chasing it down to do it again!

The girls enjoyed the swing and Micah liked sitting in the swing and watching the world go around. He wasn't so impressed with SWINGING. Kristopher found yet another friend and played on the slides and even tried his own on the big swings. He's getting very independent which is nice to see. Believe it or not he gets quite coddled sometimes and it's nice to see him reaching out and doing things on his own!

After the park we attempted once again to meet up with family but caught them right after they left. I guess it just wasn't meant to be. We headed home then, had a quick snack and hit the sack. All the kids are tired after a day like today and I'm quite ready for bed myself.

And yes, of course I took pictures, but they will wait until tomorrow :)

If you actually made it this far-- I'd like to ask you to say a little prayer for Miss Emma. She's got an ear infection and got vaccines yesterday so it is expected, but she has been running a low-grade fever all day today. She went on another bit of an eating strike earlier in the day but after lunchtime ate 2 good bottles. I may go offer her another now if she's awake because she refused one at bedtime.

Also, Brianna's been on a bit of an eating strike herself. She's not feverish, snotty, or coughing, but she just hasn't eaten very well since throwing it back up at dinner on Tuesday night. She is playing, happy, etc, just not very hungry.

Thanks for keeping our family in your prayers. They are always appreciated and very often have immediate results!

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  1. wow long day. iwill pray thay al are healthy and eating better, at least that are gaining weight, i hope your day tomarow is slower and involves more sleep