Saturday, April 12, 2008

All the sickies...

Kristopher, Mike and I are well. But...

Brianna- cough and congestion day 6
Micah- viral pneumonia day 4
Grandmommy (that's had the kids the last 2 days)- bacterial infection today is day 2 (she called when she started feeling bad yesterday and traded out with grandma to not expose the kids)
Emma- CHF (congestive heart failure) and long-term congestion

Hmm... Weird that everyone has something different? I hope they don't all share!

Micah has another dose of anti's at 12 but they're going to give him a shot instead of an IV. The doctor will make rounds again in the early-afternoon and we'll see if we're going home. His wheezing is much better but his breathing is still really coarse and the nurses/doctor have agreed that his constant airway noises sound like a "floppy airway". Fun stuff! We have a nebulizer to take home and he'll get eye drops 3x/day as well. I think that's it though. Now let's go!

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