Thursday, April 17, 2008

I figured out why the frog was in the toilet

Apparently it needed to go! TOO FUNNY!!  He is kind of cute... when you're not thinking about him jumping up out of the toilet onto you!!



Mike got a plastic bag and when he reached in to grab the frog it jumped out.  We shooed it out the door and it's now on the pool deck.  We think that's how it got in.  Mike's been working on the pool so that door's been open several times recently.


  1. OMG is that a frong TERD?! TOOO FUNNY!

  2. YUK!! lol I always hate when they pee on me when I pick one up!

  3. Oh my goodness, that's HILARIOUS!!! LOL!! I'm glad he has evacuated the toilet. and his bowels. hehe.

  4. that is a lot of poop! it appears to be the size of a leg... LOL craziness! your toilet is sooo clean! not sure how you keep up! :) good job!!

    (a blogger who's sister is adopting from Ukraine- you have a wonderful story!)

  5. I am so happy the frog is gone! It makes sense with the door being open that he got in. I was wondering how he could have got in. There might be more in the house, better keep checking for awhile!

    Mom C

  6. Oh my! That would be a surprise!!

  7. Brea- I posted my confessions just for you! LOL

    Yes, My Mother in law cleaned the toilet :)