Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Pictures from the weekend

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She found a replacement to sleeping           Emma's first intro to CHOCOLATE

on Micah                                                   (she didn't actually like it, seriously, weird! LOL)


These were taken by a friend over the weekend.  She came over just to hang out and play and got a hold of the camera too.  Thanks for capturing memories, Liz!  Yes I was pretending to take a nap.  That's pretty much an invitation to get jumped on, climbed on, and get some snuggles too :)

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  1. OK Emma is SO my kind of girl. I know she is going to bond with me hehe...we BOTH don't like chocolate! hahahahaha

  2. stumbled upon your blog - what a sweet family you have - your kids are so very cute...

  3. Christina doesn't like chocolate either? What's wrong with her and Emma??? I love all of the pictures from the weekend!