Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Oops, surgeon and lots of specialists too :)

I forgot about this part earlier, thanks Charissa ;)

I called the surgeon and was able to get an appointment for Tampa on the 12th, which is pretty good timing for us. Also, I called the eye doctor and got appointments for Emma and Micah on May 20th. The only bad thing is that I just found out that Emma already had an ENT appointment that day (and likely Micah too) but I don't know whether it's in the morning or afternoon, they don't tell you that until 2 weeks prior. So... We might have to wait for the next appointment with the ENT if that's the case. I want Miss Emma to SEE!!

While I was at it I found out that Emma's other specialist appointments are scheduled and that most likely Micah will be added to those same dates. She sees the cardiologist again on June 20th (unless needed before) and the orthotist on August 21st.

Brianna is supposed to see the cardio again on August 14th, the ENT on September 11th. Somehow we WILL get all the specialists lined up together!! :)

Here's who the kids see:
ENT: E, M, B
Cardio: E, M, B
Eye: E, M, B
Orth0: E, M
Endo: M, B
GI: M, B
Urology: M


  1. Meredith, that gives me a headache!

  2. I am speechless - how do you possibly keep all the doctors, appointments, kids, etc straight? You continue to amaze me in every way! You are truly an incredible woman!!!

  3. The list of docs sounds familiar, but I only have one kid seeing them all! Way to be organized!