Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Today's a wash

It's almost 1:30.  I'm in my pajamas.  I haven't showered.  We just finished lunch.  What's different about today than most days?  Mike's home. LOL

I love having him home!  It does somehow make the day SLIDE out and stretch out.  Usually by 8:30 or 9 all the kids are bathed, dressed, and fed.  Today it was 11.  Lunch is usually at 11 or 11:30 and naps at 12 or so.  Today lunch was 12:15 and naps, well, Micah and Emma are still awake, Brianna JUST crashed, and I just started a movie for K (he 'rests' now instead of napping). 

I must admit, I'm kind of bummed today too.  Not that everything's behind- that doesn't bother me really.  Mike was supposed to be going to a conference in Atlanta soon with the church leadership.  He and I were going to drive up separate from the group and the kids and I were going to meet up with Andrea, the director of Reece's Rainbow and spend a few days with her and her family then drive back home.

Unfortunately, Mike found out last night that there's no way he can miss his night class on Monday night that week and he's going to have to either spend all night driving and arrive there around 2am (not an option I'd like to take with the kids!) or fly up and get a taxi or limo service to bring him to the hotel or conference- depending on whether he flies on Mon night or Tues early morning.  No option of me just driving separate because I think it would be stupid to attempt an 8 hr trip alone with 4 kids.  Plus the gas cost we'd budgeted will be used for his midnight drive or his plane ticket/taxi.  Believe it or not the plane and taxi is cheaper.  Just logistically a little more difficult.

Long story short(er), it doesn't look like the kids and I will be joining him.  I was really looking forward to meeting Andrea and her family and also visiting with the family that lived with me in Ukraine, but I know there will be other times.  So, today I'm bummed because it means not only do I not get to go visit with friends, it also means another loooong week home without Mike.  It's only 4 days, just they become LONG days when Mike's not home!

Yes, I'm done complaining and I'll tell you more about the adventures of the 4 musketeers and share a picture or two AFTER I take that shower.  Ooooh... or maybe a bath.  It's been a long time! :)

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