Wednesday, April 30, 2008

No, I won't be keeping this layout!

I like the colors, like the kiddos (of course!) but you can't click the post titles and link directly to them :( So unless I can figure out how to code that, I will be changing back very soon.

Oh- and Amy- I got your comment on my deleted post and if your sister is still interested in redoing my blog I would be very glad for her to do it! I was just getting... um... annoyed at the old one... and I haven't heard from her yet :)


  1. I would be happy to make you a site header--free of charge--if you are looking for a new look to your blog--then you just change the colors of your blog to go along with it. Let me know. That is the easiest way that I have found to redo my blog--and it saves me having to re-add everything to my sidebar.

  2. At least on my computer I can't see all of the kids' pictures. They're cut off kind of in the middle.

    A great way to redo your blog is with Lots of cute layouts. Sounds like you have a few offers to do it for you too! :)

    Another adoptive mom

  3. Hey girl! Rebecca will be getting ahold of you! I gave her your email and I think she was planning to work on it this weekend!!

  4. Meredith ... to link to posts directly, you just click on the time stamp. :)