Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Life happens, in spite of our best intentions

If you've known me "in real life" for any period of time you've probably heard that phrase. Yes, in spite of all we do to make things "right", life just happens sometimes! And that's the only explanation that I can give for this:

The Bruise: The Culprit:

033 034ve-

Emma was having a blast this evening playing with this stroller. Chewing on the wheels (yay, she put something in her mouth!), rolling it back and forth, and then, pulling over onto her head. All in all, I think she enjoyed it, but she does have a nice black and blue mark to show for her experience!

After that fun time I gathered all the kids and we took an exciting trip in their PJ's to... the pharmacy :) But on our way home, Kristopher drew this little man:


I'm so proud of him! Kristopher was never really into drawing until about a week or two ago. And all of the sudden he's got a head, torso (line), stomach (circle), and it has hands with fingers, feet, an eye and a frown. I asked him why one eye and he said it's looking to the side. Makes sense to me! LOL! And the frown? He had a very long story about how he was doubting and then he started sinking into the water and he didn't like it so he frowned. I'm guessing he's read the story of Peter when he walked out onto the water toward Jesus then began to sink as doubts entered his mind. Great Job Kristopher!!

And a big brag for Miss Emma-- WOO HOO!! I don't remember who told me to try this (tell me so I can thank you properly!!!) but someone suggested lollipops! So I started to put one to Emma's lips and at first she did this:


and then this:


but eventually I got a little bit onto her lips:


and she realized it wasn't SO bad


and then she even wanted it!!


Here's a little video of her adventure with a dum dum:

I did give Micah a little lick, but as you can see he wasn't quite as impressed:


Pitiful, isn't it?

After Emma and Micah got lollipops, Brianna and Kristopher thought they should get some too:


and I was smart enough to let them have them--- in the TUB!

I thought I'd share this trick I learned with you too. As you can see below, medicine got a little more complicated in our house tonight. Brianna and Kristopher don't have any regular medications, so I've never had to come up with any way to tell who gets what or anything else. But since Emma's on 3 regular medications plus now an antibiotic, and Micah's on one medication, and both needed Tylenol tonight because of their shots today, well... it got complicated! I actually started this system when it was just Emma's meds so I could tell them apart, but I was glad I did tonight!

My idea? All of the medications have a different color on their lid (sharpie marker), and each of the syringes have the same color on their "push" end. That way the .4 and the 4 aren't given with the wrong syringes and get the dosages crossed! And the bottle of heart meds that looks just like the Zantac bottle doesn't get mixed up with it either. I still have to keep track of who gets what colors, but at least the meds won't get mixed up as far as their dosages!! Also, if my sweet little STRONG girl happens to get a hold of a syringe before she gets the meds, I know which of the medications she squirted out! When they were unmarked it was always a guessing game (was it yellowish? not sure, it's mixed into the carpet now... was it cold? Could have been... dunno!). And now that there's 2 kids with regular medications, I can dose them all up and not wonder which one goes to which kid and have to throw them away and start again :) See? It's good LOL!

Tomorrow is back to "normal" and 2 of those 7 syringes can disappear with the Tylenol ;)



  1. You are just so organized...I only have the 2 and have trouble. Medicine is always traumatic with my kids. By the way, our church is doing a prayer healing process incorporating the healing power of touch. I immediately thought of Emma when I heard. I have info if you are interested in it. It is Saturday May 17. Hope all is well.


  2. Meredith-
    You might want to ask your pharmacy if they can give you different colored containers for the different kiddos... You might want to call around and see if there is one around that does.. I know some put colored rings of some kind on each bottle - then you can have an easy way to spot them without much work... just a thought!
    All your kiddos are so cute!

  3. YAY!!! Atta girl Emma!!!!!!!!! How exciting!!!!

  4. We get our Rx's filled at Target and they assign a different color band to each member of a family (you get to pick). I love the idea of color coding the syringes too!

  5. That is a great idea. It is hard to remember. We kept a dry erase board and had which meds were due at which times. It got very confusing. But after about 3-4 months, I could fill out the medical scripts paperwork at the cardiologist appts without looking at my cheat sheet. I love the lollipop pics...


  6. I haven't checked your blog in forever, it looks like things are progressing very nicely in your household. Your children are all incredibly beautiful, you are all very lucky


  7. Love the lollipops- so cute.

    I do almost the same thing when my kids are on meds. Thankfully, none of them are on regular medicine but when one kid get sick, you know that all the kids have to get sick! I give each kid a color and color the lid and syringe- like you.

    Have a good day.

  8. Your organizational/multi-tasking skills amaze me! Keep up the great work Momma! Oh, and is that Emma grinding her teeth???

  9. I forget to comment on Kristopher earlier- That is such a great job on drawing a person! You have an artist on your hands.

  10. Absolutely love the lollipop! The video was too cute! Lollipops in the bathtub what a smart mommy you are LOL! Thanks for sharing. I can't wait to have my oldest son see the lollipop video.

    Hugs Deanna in KS