Sunday, April 20, 2008

Some new chompers!



THREE of them!  We started our adventures with Micah at 16.5 months old and ONE little bottom tooth.  You know what this means... Crackers here I come!  And on the other hand... no more chewing on Mommy's chin.  Sorry!


  1. Micah is doing so good!!!! Gaining weight, getting teeth. He surely has come a long way in 6 weeks. He looks so much happier!

    Mom C

  2. Aww come on... teeth sinking into your chin wouldn't hurt THAT bad! hahaha
    WTG Micah! I see STEAK in your future!

  3. I just noticed he has that connected piece of skin on the top of his mouth going to his gums. Cheyenne had that and the speech therapist told us we needed to have it clipped. Cheyenne's dr said no way, that would would fall one day and it would split on it's own and it did.

    Have fun with the teething!! lol