Sunday, April 27, 2008

Fun in the sun and other morning happenings

Just curious, how long do you suppose it takes me to make a post like this?  10, 20 min maybe?  NOPE :)  Try... 5 :)  It's WONDERFUL!  Ok, a few more, but those are 'unsupervised minutes'- I can hit "go" and the computer works its magic.  Pull chip from camera, insert into computer, automatic download begins.  Find video, start upload to OTM (see below).  Open "Windows Live Writer", drag and drop in photos that were automatically filed, type a few words, hit "publish".  The program uploads all the pictures automatically into my account on Picasa and there you have it :)  Technology at it's finest!!
Here's our morning: (yes, I know I take way too many pictures!!)
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While I was making lunch Emma found her way over to the swing.  Micah is upset for a total of 2 seconds because he sees me and wants to be held, but quickly decides he's content where he is (he was asleep about 10 min later and yes he's spoiled and naps in the swing :) )
And lastly, Emma got a bottle before nap and just for kicks I thought I'd try a bit of this 100 calorie/2tsp strawberry syrup in her bottle.  Once again, a picture is worth 1000 words...
Note the full bottle and then the empty bottle? Do those eyes say "What? it's gone? no more?" to you too?? LOL  (and yes, she makes a HUGE mess usually but amazingly strawberry formula left very little mess... hmm... the sweet potatoes last night left an entire lake on her front...)


  1. wow, i wish we had some sun to have some fun in!

  2. I don't think you take too many pictures. How else can you 'preserve' the memories. They grow up and change so quickly.

    Looks like you had a great day in the sun.


  3. Oh I love the vidoe! And of course all the pics!! lol

  4. It looks so nice and warm there! I am
    so jealous! What a great day to spend with your family.

  5. The video is such a hoot!! It's amazing the things children find to entertain themselves! Thanks for the great job you do with your blog! It's really great to see how much the children are growing and changing. Blessings! Stefanie

  6. Great pictures Meredith! All the kids look really good and I can't believe how flexible little Miss E is! WOW!