Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A phone call

I picked up the phone and the person identified themself as calling from "The Talking Phone Book". Ready with my "not interested" reply, they asked if I'd received a copy of the phone book. "Yes". I said. Not too hard. Then she asks "Are you still on Kansas Street?" (house we have for sale). "No." "Dang, we got it wrong, bye!" CLICK

What's funny is that a few hours later I thought about it and went and looked in the phone book to see if they really printed the wrong address... Nope! It's right in there!



  1. Sounds like weirdos phishing for your real address.


    The internet is wonderful for so many things, but the reality is that ANYONE can access your stuff, and you never know what kind of person it might be. I've had some nasty, untrue comments aimed at me, posted on a blog I frequent. This nasty person was able to find my High School web site, what college I went to, what professional licenses I hold, etc.

    I have become much more careful. But I hope you will always be able to post about the kids. They are doing so well with you as their Mommy! We all love to read about your challenges and triumphs.

    Best of luck.

    Cheri in NH

  2. That IS weird. I'm Jill, by the way. We're adopting twins from the Ukraine that we found on reece's rainbow and we're SO excited! :o)

  3. Definitely sounds like someone was trying to pull something. I am glad that you didn't give them any information.

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