Saturday, April 26, 2008

Sometimes it's fun

to see where YOU are. That's why I put the live feed out on the side- something fun to glance at now and then. But this morning I was amazed that of the last 10 visitors coming and going, they represented 6 different countries! How neat! And as a side note, I cannot believe that this blog that has been running since the beginning of September (7 1/2 months) has had over 61,000 hits. I love being able to share our story and to have the prayer support as well as the KNOWLEDGE that you all have right at my fingertips. So... THANKS for being a part of our little piece of life :)


United States





United Kingdom

***By the way, I never have a clue who you are! LOL I just know what's on the left, and it only shows 10 visitors, so no worries ;) ***

(Yes, that's for you Stephanie ;) )


  1. Oh great, so know you know how many times I obsessively look at your blog.

  2. I love seeing where everyone is from, connecting together from around the wrold!

  3. That is so cool! and Thank YOU for sharing. This is my favorite blog.