Saturday, November 27, 2010

Wesley's sizing

He's not as big as I thought he was going to measure!

Here's Wesley's current measurements (roughly...)

His seated height is 19", and about 18/19" heel to hip.  That makes him about 37/38" tall
His inseam was 11", his foot 6", and his arm length (shoulder to wrist) was 12".  Shoulder to bottom (seated) was 12".

His waist (over a few layers) was about 16" and his chest about 20" (over a sweatshirt).

All of these could be off by an inch or several inches... we're really not sure because it's hard to measure a wiggly kid :)  But those are close enough for us to be able to make sure we bring back clothes that are at least close to what will fit him! :)

If anyone happens to have some size estimates, that would be great!  I'm still thinking that a size 4 would be roughly the right size, though his pants will fall off :)  One of the shirts he was wearing was a size 18 months, but it wasn't exactly fitting him very well...


  1. 4's should work, I wouldn't go any bigger and make sure you get adjustable waists! A 6" foot is a size 9 shoe. The good news is, you probably have lots of size 4's at home! ;o)

  2. Meredith I have a ton of 3T if you discover that might fit. I'd love to share from my Wesley to yours.