Saturday, November 06, 2010

To answer some questions

I've gotten several q's in comments, so here's my attempt at answering them :)

Did you get the referral for Wesley?
No, not yet.  Since I'd already met him, the doctor allowed me to visit with him yesterday for just a few minutes.  While we were there, we also met an Australian therapy group working at his orphanage for a few days.  They are very sweet and have been working with Wesley some :).  They'd like to write up their findings and goals/objectives for him and pass that along to me to have to take home.  A pretty neat opportunity!  Also, they are headed to the region that Aleksa is in next, but to a different orphanage there.  It's where little Misha had been and they remember him and several of the other children that I "know" down there.

We will get 1- maybe 2- referrals on Monday, but we're not sure yet.  We've asked for Aleksa's for sure.

If you get Aleksa's referral, is that the answer to whether she can come home or not?
No, unfortunately not.  In 2008 we got her referral as well, but then the director said no.  The referral is permission to visit her, not to adopt her, necessarily.  There are more "human factors" and people that have to agree to the adoption to take into account.

How is it that the director can decide whether or not a child is adopted and not the SDA?
It's a bit complicated, but the jist of it is that the director has to sign off on the adoption, or someone else has to feel strongly enough that the adoption should go through in spite of the director and plan on 'overriding' the director.  In the case of being overridden, it would have to be the social worker or someone like that.  Even with an override, we are aware of family connections between the director and persons in the judicial system in the small town, so an ovreride doesn't sound like it's that great of an idea--- or wasn't anyway.

Is Michael there with you?
Not yet... but he will be with me to get the official referral(s) on Monday.  Michael will arrive at 1:30ish on Sunday afternoon.


  1. Hi Meredith im sorry to ask such a little question but you mentioned an australian therapy group if you know the name id love to know it
    Im a 30 y.o australian who has a huge heart for these kids and feel very drawn to do something to help and im looking to train for a different career and would love to contact the organisation here and see if they can help guide me so i can help them long term
    good luck with everything i hope you get to bring both the kids home
    God bless

  2. Maybe you can't answer this yet but I wanted to ask just in case. Are you not sure you'll be going forward with Wesley's adoption? Or is it that you're not sure they'll give you the referral?

    Praying for you no matter what and I know that God will guide your steps and help you make the right decisions for your family.