Thursday, November 04, 2010

Little by little

This was written while I was at the Orlando Airport and I wasn’t able to publish it… so here it is a little late! (dated 11-2-2010)


Little by little God reveals His plans.  For now, just a LITTLE thing, but something that has said “yep, I’m with you!” to me this morning.

Last night/early this morning I couldn’t check in online.  It was pretty frustrating making me wonder if something was wrong with the booking, etc…  I got here this morning and sure enough the kiosk that I was directed to gave an error and they had me stand in the “real person” line instead. 

I never did find out why I couldn’t check in electronically- as far as physically being able to- but I know exactly why it happened that way.  Because the man that came out to check me in waived the $50 fee for the bag of donations for the orphanages/ birth parents in Ukraine that I was bringing over for CTR.  I didn’t ask him to.  I didn’t tell him what it was or why I was traveling.  He just said “you know United charges for the 2nd bag, right?”  I said “yes.”  He said, ok, well, I waived that, so you don’t have to pay it.  Have a great trip.

And so, $50 that we expected to spend out of the CTR budget is now available for us to provide more things for the families.  He may not realize that he just donated $50 to a cause, but he certainly did.  If someone walked up and handed me $50 for CTR randomly at the airport, I would be amazed!  This is exactly that :).

Now to see what else God has planned.  Even in the midst of our frustrations HE has a plan, a reason…  and sometimes He even clues us in on it!

The cutest superheroes around! (and a duck LOL)


Bat girl, Batman, and Robin.  It was HOT, so their sleeves are all rolled up, but otherwise they tolerated the costumes really good.  Brianna LOVED hers!  James even left the mask on during the entire school ‘parade’ and during about 1/2 of the Pumptoberfest :)


Ironman is using his mighty powers to control the head of Ironette… Or… rather, she kept hanging her head between her knees and he wanted to have her keep her head up so we could stop taking pictures. LOL.  He can be very helpful… a little too helpful at times! :)



This was my “on the way out the door” photo this morning.  Not the greatest family photo, but still has all 8 of us (on a loveseat LOL).  I love the pic we have of Mike and I with K and B just before leaving for UA in 2008, and will treasure this one as well!



  1. Hi we have followed you since before to went for Emma and Micah, we send blessings. We want to ask you a question. We are currently "talking" with SW's about domestic adoption (UK) of a 5 yr (6yrs in feb) old girl with DS who was neglected in birth family for 1st 3 yrs, left in her pram,, fostered by same family for over 2 yrs,she has heart condition T of F just had valve in in June but appears to have failed, due to have an MRI to see whats happening, she is non verbal, using signs, walks with a walker,not potty trained
    attends special school lots of services involved. We are shocked that she suffered such neglect in this country,and didn't attend medicals etc.How would we help her,I remember your Emma and how she overcame so much. Please pray we would know what we should do.We have 4 kids 3 bio and 1 adopted (alcohol background) but doing good. Thanks we praying for you,you are a vesselof inspiration x J A C

  2. I LOVE that picture of Emma and Christopher. Her little expression is priceless.

  3. Hey Mer...I've been trying to catch up! LOVE the pics! I, also, love Emma's expression, LOL!!! Question, because I can't seem to find the answer on my own...Is Mike with you? I thought that both parents had to do the first trip and then you could finish up on your own, but I haven't seen "we" as in you and Mike, I've just seen "we". :) Also, very sweet of Elizabeth to come down for you again! And, congratulations to her!

  4. What cuties! Praying for the two additions you came for... God bless.