Monday, November 22, 2010


And not so great news.

Today we were hoping for court dates for both our kids.

We didn't get either.

Both are needing another day or two... so we wait.  Saturday's plane will be leaving without us on it, and we are hoping to get court dates for either Friday and Monday, or Monday and Tuesday.  Reality is... we have NO idea.

At the moment, I have been in Ukraine for 3 weeks and Michael for 2 1/2.  We're ready to have court.  Ready to be back home with our kids.  Ready to be back HERE and to bring our new kids home.  Ready to move forward.

We knew from the get go that it was unlikely that we'd finish everything with two separate adoptions in 3 1/2 weeks... but we hoped :).  It did look possible, but now it's just not going to happen.

We know God has used us in the time He's put us here... and we know we've been here for a reason for this length of time!  Now we hope and pray that it's His plan for us to be able to have two successful court hearings and a quick trip back home.

Our "project" that we've been working on is about as far as we have the ability to take it and we've handed it off to others who can really make it what it needs to be.  We're still doing some little things with it, but in the next 2-3 days there will be nothing more we can do for it.  Yep, I realize this doesn't explain much... but to say that we're finished with that and it's not the piece keeping us here now.

God is good-- ALL the time! Even when we are on the other side of the world and missing our kids :).

Please pray for quick and SUCCESSFUL court for both of our children, and that we can be HOME quickly.  My dream is to have our 8 children at home for Christmas.

God can do it!

Today wasn't a total wash.  We visited with Wesley and met two more adoptive families- the Parkers and the Lococo's.  It's such a blessing to meet other like-minded families who are reaching out to the orphaned.  One family is adopting two children with HIV-- their FIRST two children :).  The other is adopting one little 4 yr old girl with Down syndrome... their #6.

Tomorrow we're going to #1- sleep... because I've come down with a cold and it's 11:30pm right now... and we haven't gotten a lot of sleep.  #2- meet again with those families to take them shopping for gloves... it's cold now!  And that's why I'm sick :)  #3- meet with a friend who we originally met in September, who happens to be in charge of all the baby houses in the capital city.  NICE guy, adoptive dad, and a Christian :)  Looking forward to meeting him again.


  1. Praying for speedy court date!! SO happy to have met you guys while we were in UA!

  2. Oh, I do hope you get your dates soon! Thank you for sharing your journey. What little blessings Wesley and Aleksa are.