Friday, November 05, 2010

No Sleep...

God is good, all the time...  All the time He is good!

I spent the night at the hospital with a family whose child had what appears to be a seizure.  Baby and mama are doing fine this morning, and all the bloodwork and such came back ok.  They're hanging in there, and no I won't post who it is (but their family and such is well informed) because I haven't seen any info from them about it public.  But please pray for them as they continue to walk the end of this road.  They are headed home quickly and baby is doing ok.

So... I went up there by calling Nadya at 1030 at night and asking for a taxi then got back to the apartment (escorted by the family's translator, which was very nice of her) at about 3am.  Quite the eventful day I suppose.   Or night anyway.  Please pray that they are able to come home quickly and for their little one.

I *think* I'm headed to the orphanage to see Wesley this morning.  Just to plan, just a visit, just because :)

I got several questions in previous posts which I will answer later on-- after I've had a nap :).  But I didn't publish those for now because I know that without answers they will just make more questions!  So be aware that I will answer them then publish them later on.

Time for a phone call and getting dressed! :)

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