Sunday, November 21, 2010

Speaking of...

Well, speaking of our kids, and our God, and our Faith, and stepping up and saying YES.  That's what we did today.

This afternoon we attended church with our friends who own the home we're staying in (they set it up like a B&B for us :) ).  It was a Russian speaking service, so aside from knowing that the presenter was speaking from Ephesians about the Armor of God... and several references to the Apostile Paul... we have no idea what was said :).

After the sermon Michael and I went up and were introduced... but we have no idea what was said about us.  Michael took the first portion of our story and spoke about what led up to and through our first adoption, then I picked up and shared a bit of Emma's story, Lynae and James, and then our current adoption.  It ended with a challenge to allow God to use you- whoever you are- however He plans to.  God used us- an at-home mom and a dad working in the church- to be a family for 3~soon to be 5 children with special needs.  He used us to help over 225 kids come home.  He's using us for other purposes while we're here.  He doesn't need someone special to do His work.  He just needs our YES-- even before we know what the question is.

Several people came forward to ask us about adoption, others about special needs, and a few know people raising their disabled children.  We weren't sure how this would be received by the church... but the response says that God prepared hearts and prepared our words.

We are blessed to be a part of this... to be able to be God's voice here and there... maybe to share something which can touch a heart.


  1. Meredith that is awesome....and the Lord knows who HE put in that service may never know how you were able to help these men and woman....maybe just one couple there will be faced with their child being born with DS or any disability and remember hearing YOUR story....and choose to step up and SAY YES I CAN DO THIS! May the Lord continue to bless you both and those you come in contact with.

  2. You all have such a wonderful testimony. So great to know you are sharing it and inspiring others :)

    By the way, you do know you wrote "Apostille Paul", right? Been in adoption mode a bit too long, have we?? :) Praying for court dates soon!

    Kelly S. from RR