Saturday, November 13, 2010

A tour of our UA apartment

Here’s a quick tour of our previous apartment.  We are now at a B&B which is someone’s (beautiful!) home, so I won’t post pictures… but, this last apartment was a rental similar to what many parents use in Kiev.

We were packing to leave and I was snapping pictures, so our things are all laid out :)

The entryway into the apartment was a small hallway.  To the right, a bathroom and ‘straight ahead’ (kinda…) was the studio apartment room.


From the doorway looking in to the apartment to the right and then to the left is the kitchen.


From the far corners of the room…

DSCN8573 DSCN8566  DSCN8572

And the bathroom… A beautiful tub and shower (but… no curtains anywhere here!).  And yes, I took a picture of the toilet.  Because this is the only toilet I’ve sat on in my adult life that I had wished I had a step for.  You see, this toilet isn’t on a stand, and instead is installed right into the wall.  Unfortunately, it was installed about 4” too high for a “normal height” person.  I’ve seen some TALL Ukrainian women while I’m out walking around, but I’m pretty sure even they would be tippy toeing in order to use this toilet!  Mike requested a stool… Guess I know how my kids feel now?? :)

DSCN8568 DSCN8569

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