Sunday, November 07, 2010

Ok, ok...

I'll share more!  I hear I'm getting in trouble for the short sweet informative blog posts :).  Here's some more of the narrative and excitement of the trip!!

Last night Melissa Lorenz and I went to Kreshatik street and just walked.  On Saturdays they close down the street to cars and have music playing and such on Saturday nights.  We walked (with her new daughter Liza) down there and around a bit, but really nothing exciting.  Just a chance to get out and about and let the Lutz's have a little time to themselves as well.  Melissa is waiting on her fingerprints to come back from USCIS because they'd expired, so she and Liza are just hanging out here waiting for Liza's Visa.

The apartment we're staying in is quite the cozy place.  Laura and David are SO sweet to have me here with them!  I originally wrote and said that I was headed this way by myself and I wanted to meet up with other families here, and possibly room with someone if anyone had the space.  Laura wrote back to me later that day and said that though they'd "love to have me" (she ate those words I believe LOL!), they have a studio apartment with a bed, couch, and kitchen.  It's about 15x15... maybe 20.  The bathroom has a frosted door and no knob... just a hole.  It doesn't exactly lend itself to any sort of privacy for anyone.

I wrote back and said that was completely fine, I'd love to meet up with them and just have another English speaking person know that I'm in a foreign country.  Well, Laura wrote me back.  "David said you can stay with us, it's fine."  Hmm... now, since she'd given me such a great description of their apartment, I have to admit I wasn't so sure I was up for that.  Another RR family, Joann, was also going to be here and offered for me to stay with her and her husband.  The two of them ended up having dinner together and decided they would "share me" LOL.  I'd stay with the Lutz for 2 days and the Torres (Joann) for 2 days, and then Michael would be here.

That didn't quite work out, because Joann ended up leaving after just 2 days and I was supposed to be with her the 2nd 2 days!

So, now we are cozy here in the studio apartment with a bed and a fold out (twin size) couch.  When the couch is folded out, the only space in the room is the 4' square kitchen.  The bathroom door is, indeed, clear frosted.  Thankfully it's off to the side of the room and not so obvious.  And the toilet isn't RIGHT at the door... showering, however, is a unique experience feeling like you just might have an audience.  The tv and 'focal point' of the room is away from the bathroom, though.

Laura and David are a wonderfully sweet Christian couple so my concerns of being with them quickly disappeared after spending just one evening together.  They are a blessing and I have really enjoyed this time with them!  I can't say there's too many people that I'd be comfortable in a room with that has a bathroom door that doesn't latch, is clear, and has a washcloth shoved in where the handle should be.  But there's just one more way that God stretches our comfort zones.   :)

I look forward to introducing them to Michael and getting to spend some more time with them as they finish their own adoption and bring their THREE sweethearts with Down syndrome home to Northwest US.  Go say "hi", watch their homecoming journeys, and tell them 'thanks' for me :)

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