Sunday, November 28, 2010

Mostly safe for the little ears

But yes, if you have a young child reading, they could skip the beginning here... :)

This morning we ventured back out to Hillsong church.  We enjoyed the worship and were told that the head pastor would be speaking, so we asked for translation.  A very nice young man (around our age I'm guessing, maybe a little younger) joined us and sat behind us to translate as the service went on.  After the worship time when the preacher got up to speak and Sergei began translating... I realized that this service may be a little different than what we were really looking for.  It started off with a rambling interlude and then.

"So, yes, today I'm going to preach about sex."

As those of you who have known me personally for any extent of time can know, my face likely flushed right then as I thought "I don't even want to sit in my own church and hear a sermon about sex, much less have this guy have to translate the entire service for us... this should be interesting..."

Believe it or not, after that brief introduction to the sermon and after naming it "in contact," he never again mentioned the word, the action, or really anything aside from the idea that a marriage relationship should always retain a spark and a connection in order to stay healthy.  WHEW.

Now, I wonder whether we actually heard the sermon that the rest of the congregation heard, or whether we heard a version that includes the words that our young interpreter was willing to say to the benefit of us all :)

Ok, now the rest is safe (not that that wasn't really...) :)

After church we wandered through stores along that area of town where we really haven't spent a lot of time and found a food court area to have lunch.  We walked around some more and then after a late lunch joined up with Melanie and her husband for supper tonight.  They are adopting a little girl with Spina Bifida and have their SDA appointment tomorrow :).

After that we headed back 'home' and are hopefully headed to bed a little early tonight.  Tomorrow at 9:30 our translator and a driver will be here to head to Aleksa's region for court!

PLEASE PRAY that we will find favor with the judge, that he/she will understand our heart, our love for her, and will not question the reality of our faith and our commitment to her.  Also, please pray that she will give an IMMEDIATE RULING, meaning that we will have just one court appearance and then the 10 day appeals period.  We would greatly prefer, if at all possible, not to have to have a 2nd court.  IF it's inevitable, we pray it can be Tues or Wed so that we can continue "on track" and have court Thursday for Wesley and fly home Friday.

Tomorrow, God willing, we will be able to announce that we are the parents of 7!  This little girl we have waited 3 years for, the daughter of our hearts will then be a daughter by name and soon, very soon, in presence  as well when we bring her home!

Until then...


  1. I have been following along every post, my heart swelling with happiness for you, after 3 years, to bring Aleksa (and Wesley)home, what a precious gift. Praying now and always for your family.

  2. Thinking of you, hoping all goes well. Praying for you, also. Miss you!