Sunday, November 14, 2010

Based on measurements...

I took a few minutes on Friday to measure Aleksa to find out what sizes she will need when she comes home.  We're not sure how much time we'll have to visit with her between now and then since she's so far from where we're staying (and there's not a whole lot of options on that) and since we're about to start Wesley's adoption as well.

Anyway, we have "wiggly dimensions"... over clothes.  Which means we *hope* that they're right :)

If anyone has a way to figure out what sizes these would be, especially for pants to have the right inseam length, I would appreciate it!  I'm *thinking* she's about a size 6 or 8, but that's based on TOTAL height, and typically kids with Ds have longer torso's and shorter legs.  So she may need more like an 8 for shirts and a 6 for pants??

Please post if you know!! THANK YOU!!
(no, she had no intention of drawing on the paper, but she was happy to hold the pen LOL! And we were glad she was done 'melting down' and agreed to sit in a chair for a minute...)

Height measured- 46"  Height when using other measurements to add them together- 48"  (inseam+seated height)
Hip to floor- 25"
inseam TO FLOOR- 21"
in seated position, bottom to shoulder- 18"
in seated position, bottom to head- 27"
foot length- 7" (wasn't able to get a width- she wasn't happy that we took her shoe off!)

Waist- OVER underwear, tights, and snowpants- ~24" (guessing really ~21/22?)
Chest- OVER undershirt, shirt, sweatshirt- ~24" (guessing similar to her waist :) ~21/22?)


  1. Wow, she is the exact same size as my 8 year old daughter. :)

    Here are her sizes:

    My daughter can't wear regular pants because if they are short enough, they are too tight. However, length wise she WOULD be in a size 6 or 7.

    7/8 would be the shorts/skirt size and is the size she wears for pants with elastic around the ankles.

    We get shirts big and she wears a 7/8 long sleeve shirt and sweatshirt/hoodie... bigger in short sleeve.

    Jackets are 7/8 and winter coats are a 7/8 and a 8/10.

    Dresses, size 6/7/8 depending on length.

    1 piece jammies, probably a 7/8 as well. The 6's are too small on my daughter now.

    Shoes without orthotics probably a 13 or so. She wears a 2 with her orthotics.

    What we have found to work beautifully for pants for the shorter kids, is "convertible pants." The size 7/8 pants are about 4-5 inches too long... but when you roll them up and button them... they are a perfect 25 inches! Like a size 6 length in a size 8 pant!

    Plus they all have adjustable waists, so they fit her around the waist too. It definitely beats having her clothes tailored, which we were considering!

    I know Target has some as well, Cherokee brand.

    These are the ones we have:

    Wrangler brand, purple and light khaki (Walmart)

    Mudd brand, black and khaki green/brown (Kohls)

    Team Realtree brand, light khaki with camo and light pink with camo (Cabelas)

  2. Meredith, I just measured all of my kids (from waist down) yesterday, to send to Grandma. My almost-seven-year-old measured 28 from waist to ankle, 20 around waist (she is slim) and 20 for inseam. She wears a size 6 slim. Hope that helps! Kris

  3. She's the exact same size as my daughter (tall 5 yr old, doesn't have DS). I just measured her to compare and the measurements were exactly the same! 46" tall, 21" waist, 25" hip to floor, 7" foot.. exactly!

    My daughter wears mostly size 6 with some 7's in both pants and shirts. Pants tend to be a little loose in the waist but we usually go with adjustable waists. Shoes are mostly 13s. I cross-checked it with the Gymboree & Old Navy size charts and they agree :)

  4. Dear Mrs. Cornish,
    God has put heavy on my heart the need for clothes for Aleksa. I know of some great sites to figure out her size (but will have to look after church).

    Anyway, I just sent your link (before even seeing this post) to a US missionary living in Ukraine (Kiev) to see if her church can come together to get some clothes for Aleksa there. I learned trying to send this missionary some VBS materials that postage is not cheap to the Ukraine and God brought her to mind to find some help "locally". We'll see what God does.


  5. I have a daughter who will be 8 in January, she is petite (she does not have DS, she's just my tiny girl!), her measurements are very similar to Aleksa's. She wears a 6 slim. She can wear 7's as well, especially in tops. A 7" foot would be US size 12 shoe. Hope that helps!

  6. GmaP says we will get a few things for her when you come back as you'll be here before you have to go back to dress her as your own. I'll keep my eye out. Know there is a bin of 6s in the closet room saved out for Emma but Aleska may get first dibs? Love Mom