Sunday, November 21, 2010

Slowly but Surely...

Yesterday we visited with Wesley again in the afternoon.  He was HAPPY the ENTIRE time!! It was only about a 20 minute visit, but him being happy was wonderful.  Michael held him and tickled his neck and his palm and he laughed and played.  It was so sweet.  He stayed pretty 'tense' (physically, like his legs) but he was calm.

Mike handed him over to me after a bit and he relaxed even further.  I think he knows that we're coming just to see him and play with him now.  He realizes he's not going into the room with medical equipment for any sort of treatments.

When his caretaker came, we told him goodbye "Paka, paka!" and she brought him out into the hall to put him in his stroller to go back to his room.  We gathered our things and went out and she was still working with him there.  We said goodbye again and his huge grin was just what we needed.  He's doing great getting used to us and hopefully when "gotcha day" comes (the day we get custody of him) he will be comfortable enough with me to come happily.  We know he will likely be curious about what's happening and upset over the next days, but we hope and pray that God will prepare his little heart with some peace and understanding so that he's not scared.

We're waiting on a confirmed court date, but it sounds like Friday is a good possibility for Wesley, either early before we go to the Embassy or late in the afternoon.

Things are still moving along with Aleksa's adoption as well.  On Friday Yana got a document from the SDA that is needed for court.  The court is doing everything VERY by the books and requested that paper before they set a court date.  Generally courts set a date then just make sure that paper comes to the court meeting.  So, we still have no court date.

Monday Yana's bringing that document out to region and submitting it.  We are praying HARD that we receive a court date for THIS WEEK when she delivers that!!  We love it here but are ready to be home with our other kids as well.  REALLY miss them!!

Today we're working on projects this morning and are attending a Russian speaking church this afternoon with the people we're staying with (at the B&B- which is their home).  We'll be presenting our testimony after the main message, so if you're awake, please pray that it goes well and is accepted with open hearts for God to speak through us.  It will be focused on FAITH and encouraging others to seek out what God has called them, individually, to do.  We'll be speaking around 2:45 which is near the end of the service, and that's 7:45am Eastern time.

Though things with the adoptions are in a waiting pattern as far as anything WE can do goes, we are keeping busy and are finding the days go by quickly.  Thank you for your continued prayers!


  1. I pray that the congregation come with open hearts to hear what the Lord wants to say to them. Our time is almost the same as where you are-I think an hour later. I'll be praying for you

  2. that's in 6 minutes;) Totally saying a prayer for you all and for the congregation.

  3. praying as usual for you all, have a great day and I pray the congregation "gets" what God is sending them through you and M