Saturday, November 06, 2010

**NEW** Community!

Here we go...

I'm coming off of some communities where I have previously enjoyed getting to know families that are in similar situations as myself and who are also raising families with adopted children, multiple little ones, kids with Down syndrome or Cerebral Palsy, and families who share our heart for orphan and special needs ministry.

Walking forward, eyes wide open, Michael and I are seeing what God has for us, for our family and for our ministry.

You'll notice a new 'button' on the sidebar of my blog.  It says "join me in our adoption journey community".  From there, you can click on "Forum" and join in discussions with other blog readers.  Though it will be a small community, you can post and ask questions, share joys, or seek feedback as you'd like.  This may be a temporary place to post, may become something more.  For right now, it's just an outlet for others, like myself, who like the community of a forum and who want to relate on a more personal level.

Invite others to join- I believe you can grab the widget (button thingy) for your own blog by visiting the community and joining.

Let's support one another, lift each other up, and share our joys and trials.

Anyone is welcome to join-- but PLEASE, keep it nice. Let's keep the controversial stuff to a minimum and remember that words are a very hard thing to 'take back'.

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