Saturday, November 27, 2010

PPS (answers to questions)

By "Ashan" I mean... "Ashan" :)  A is "a" W is "sh" then another a, and the H is an "n" sound. AWaH :)  They're all over, yes, red and green bird thingies I believe.  I've heard it referred to by locals as the "Ashan" as well, so pretty sure it's right, but WHO KNOWS! :)

Another good tip- pack at least one change of clothes (including pants, shirt, underwear, undershirt, shirt, socks) in your carry on.  Put it in a large ziplock bag.  Use Zip bags to pack anything that comes in more than one's, they're helpful to find something at the bottom of the bag and only have to pull out zip bags rather than all kinds of assorted stuff :)


  1. Ah, yes, that's Auchan. It's a French chain and I loved it in Hungary, and the one in Petrivka actually carries very decent hairdryers that work with both 120 V and 230 V, so with an adapter you can take it home. They also had a great selection of children's and baby clothes, that's where I took my cousin to shop for their third "surprise" daughter before gotcha day.

    Also a good place to get things is the Metro Cash&Carry, when my cousins were there adopting their facilitator actually had a Metro C&C card, so we did a lot of the donation shopping there.

  2. What a wonderful job your parents are doing, great pictures! I hope all goes as you would like and you are all together for Christmas. Congrats on your new additions.