Friday, November 26, 2010

Pictures of Wesley

In really no particular order… Here are pic’s of Mike, Wesley, and I from the last 2 visits with Wesley.  His stroller that he seems to spend most of his day in is in the pictures too.  It looks similar to a Maclaren, but it’s a Ukrainian brand and made a bit differently…
Sorry some are blurry… Wesley doesn’t like the flash, so when he starts getting aggravated we’ve been turning off the flash so we still have SOME pictures…
DSCN8684 DSCN8685 DSCN8619 DSCN8624 DSCN8628 DSCN8629 DSCN8630 DSCN8632 DSCN8634 DSCN8636 DSCN8637 DSCN8638 DSCN8646 DSCN8660 DSCN8661 DSCN8663 DSCN8668 DSCN8673 DSCN8675 DSCN8676 DSCN8677 DSCN8678 DSCN8681 DSCN8683


  1. With all this love he is sure to just blossom and get stronger. Bless you both!

  2. Oh, I LOVE the 7th one down, how he is looking at you. What a special little boy. He is going to be such a blessing to your family. He looks like a happy little guy :)

  3. What wonderful pictures! Thanks for sharing your tender moments.....

  4. oh im so sorry you all have to leave without your little ones, but we know God's plans are bigger than our and he is always good. the pictures are just adorable, W looks happy and healthy. So nice to see him in your arms. Praying for a safe trip