Sunday, November 14, 2010


It has been 6 months since James moved in to our home!  It's hard to believe it has only been that long, because he has melded in as one of the family SO easily!  James is such a sweet and loving little guy with a smile and a hug to willingly share.  He's made some huge strides in the last six months... he now holds his bottle, is WALKING!  He's eating new textures.  He's using the potty regularly when given the opportunity.  He's learned to like baths.  He's jumping on the trampoline.  He's walking next to Emma's wheelchair and holding on.  He's carrying his own backpack to and from the car (walking!).  He's learning to share.  He's stopped throwing all his toys.  He's stopped throwing his bottle.  He's walking to and from the house/car without instruction.  He's leaving his shoes on in the car.  He's not banging his head at night.  He's not rubbing his head on the rails much at night.  He's completely off his feeding pump.  He's recognizing spatial boundaries of the house and yard.  He's beginning to recognize spatial boundaries at school.  He's mimicking all kinds of new words and signs.

We are so proud of James and so blessed to have him as our SON!  It's only 2 1/2 months since we finalized his adoption, and now we're on to another.  I would have never even considered this as a possibility, but James has made it so EASY to say yes to another child, because he has come in, bonded, loved, learned, and become a natural part of our family SO QUICKLY.  He is doing great, and though I hate leaving him for a few weeks, I know that he has also bonded with those that are watching him (grandparents).  We know it is hard, being so soon after he came to us.  God has brought us this far and He will bring us all through this.  In the end it will be "just three weeks" in the midst of a long lifetime together.  :)

James, you are loved and cherished!  Happy 6 months home! :)

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  1. I am so glad your adoption of James has gone so well. What a blessing! I am enjoying your posts.